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Do you want a programme that offers your child more than just dancing? Do you want a programme that will provide crucial tools for the dance industry and any future career?

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Interfusion Dance Studio's Academy Programme is not only for dancers wishing to further their dance ability, but for every student wanting more out of their dance. The Academy Programme will require students to do a certain amount of classes depending on their age group with the choice of adding additional classes. Students will receive a customised journal/annual diary that will provide them with weekly tasks and goals. Every term, students will have the opportunity to have a lesson with a guest artist. Students will also have a sit-down chat every term to discuss dance auditions, casting, hair, makeup, goal setting, and many other topics. Each student will have a talent profile on the Interfusion website, using professional photos. Students will also be part of the academy programme section on the studio Instagram. Programme students will have access to a wide range of performance opportunities such as troupes, solos and show leads. These performance opportunities allow students to work hard and show commitment through the Academy Programme. We want to set a standard of excellence and achievement for this Academy Programme, allowing students to develop diverse skills they can use in all walks of life.

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Mini Programme - 4-6 years

Two syllabus classes and one technique class.

Mini plus programme - 4-6 years

Two syllabus classes and two technique classes.

Junior Programme - 7-9 years

Two syllabus classes and two technique classes.

Pre teen Programme - 10-12 years

Three syllabus classes and two technique classes.

Pre teen plus Programme - 10-12 years

Five syllabus classes and two technique classes.

Teen/senior Programme - 12-21 years

Seven syllabus/open classes and two technique classes.

Unlimited Programme - 15 years plus

Unlimited classes.

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