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Examination and medal test information: (Issued by Jazz Addict)

Late Entries

Late entries will incur a late fees.


Refunds are only given upon receipt of an original medical certificate. This must be provided within 30 days of the examination date.

Fluids, towels and medication

Water bottles, Knee-pads and towels are permitted in the examination room for students Eleemntary/Level 5 upwards.

Candidate Requirements

Candidates must:

  • Be clearly labeled with an examination number front and back.
  • Be well groomed. Make-up is permitted but not compulsory.
  • Hair must be secured back in a bun. Hair must be off the face. Fringes are acceptable but be clear of the eyes.
  • Uniform dancewear is compulsory.

Marking procedures

The examinars are instructed to mark in accordance with technical requirements for each exercise. Criteria include placement, musicality, timing, travel, lines and definition, knowledge of the syllabus, focus and performance.

Examination Results

Examination results are attributed based on the following marks:

50-55.5 PASS

56-65.5 PASS PLUS



86-95.5 HONOURS


The examiner’s decision is final an d no correspondence will be entered into.

Medal Tests and results

Medal Tests are marked with more weighting on performance and less emphasis on technical ability. The teacher is required to enter each candidate into either an examination or medal test. This decision is based on the professional judgment of the teacher as to the suitability of the candidate for the respective assessments.

Medal test results are attributed based on the folloeing marks:

50-59.5 Bronze

60-79.5 Silver

80-100 Gold

The examiner’s decision is final an d no correspondence will be entered into.

Examination Reports and certificates

The Asia Pacific Dance Association endeavors to deliver examination reports within 6 weeks of assessments. In most cases, reports are delivered within a month. This processing time is required for examination report writing, delivery to the Association, recording of marks, printing and freight of reports to the studio. Certificates follow.