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10 Reasons to enrol your child into dance?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Put music on in your house right now and the chances are your little one will start moving. In my time as a dance studio owner many parents have asked me 'but why', why should I enrol my child into dance? What would my kid get out of it? We have the parents that say 'I don't think my child has what it takes to be a dancer'. Most of the time those children are 4 years old. Let's be honest for a second, did you know that you would be doing what you're doing now when you were 4? Dancing is something that takes time, it's something that grows and gets better with time. Giving it a proper shot is something that I will always recommend to my dance parents and even if your child doesn't seem to have what it take to be a dancer they will gain so much more from dance than simply learning how to dance. I didn't start off being a great dancer, in fact if my parents took the advice of the ballet teacher when I was 5 who told me 'maybe I should go play tennis' then getting to dance the role of Cinderella or getting distinction in my RAD ballet exam at Advanced 2 level would never have been a reality. Owning my very own Dance Studio and getting to literally live my passion would have been lost forever.

So why should you enrol your child into dance?

1. Dancing is a great form of physical exercise.

Moving your body gives you all those happy feelings inside and its such a healthy way to release energy, tension and stress. With the way todays world is and everyone on some type of device all the time, dancing is a fantastic way for your child to stay fit.

2. Dancing prompts confidence.

Does your child seem to lack confidence? So many young children have found themselves in dance. Dance helps you express yourself on so many levels. It helps you find love for yourself and what your body is truely able to do. Dancing will bring out the best in your child helping with their self-esteem. As they learn and gain new skills they will be proud to know they achieved a new goal prompting growth to their confidence and self esteem.

3. Dancing prompts great mental health.

Mental health is such a big part of todays world and going through Covid it has really tested everyone. Dancing brings out those feel good hormones in our body which in turn makes us happy and gives us energy. Dancing is also an escape,, a moment when time stand still and everything out in the world can be forgotten. It gives a sense of accomplishment and even when steps are hard, we learn to push on and never give up. This is a very important life lesson for our children to learn because life is not easy. If you learn to always keep trying and never give up, your child will be able to overcome every situations life throws at them.

4. Dancing enhances cognitive ability.

Dancing uses their brain ever moment that they are in a dance class. They are required to remember a number of steps and sequences. Dancing has proven educational benefits for your children.

5. Dancing create relationships.

If ever you see a dancers I can guarantee her best friends she ever had was her dance friends. Dancing in a class full of other children will improve your child's social and communication skills.Dancing friend see each other at their strongest and the weakest. They learn to overcome and celebrate each aspect of life. Dancing friends last a life time.

6. Dancing prompts discipline and self-mastery.

With every dance step you do you are mastering your physical and mental body. You learn to set goals, be present and always listen so that nothing gets missed. You learn that giving 110% present all of the time is what gets you ahead and what takes you to the next level.

7. Dancing teaches